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You're looking for a great way to educate your organization.

To give them tools they can use in both your surroundings and in their everyday lives.

Whether that be in Releasing Stress, Better Communication Skills, or in other countless ways.

Ron Soderstrom C.Ht. will help you with that!

Doing so, with a number of various topics that will be customized to your group. All of them Fun and Engaging! 

Sure to give your team the skills you want, While they're laughing the whole time!

Perfect for groups of All ages!

-  Stress Release  

-  Weight Release: 

-  Tobacco Cessation

-  Interpersonal and Communication Skills

-  Group Fitness Classes

-  Dance Fitness

-  Functional Fitness for the Workplace

-  Team Building Through Improv Comedy

Some of the topics we'll jump right in with include:

 "Ron's Stress Relief Workshops are terrific!  He has a wonderful presence that is refreshing, exciting, and full of laughter!

 His classes are a great way to enjoy each other, play , and be very present in the moment. He helped us to feel free and get out of our boxes. Learning how to celebrate our mistakes. Everyone that enjoyed his classes remarked how clear and relaxed their minds were. Letting go of everyday worries and stresses."

Anna Spivak  -   E Ala Hou  A division of the Child and Family Services

"Habits for a Healthy Life”

Creating a new relationship with yourself and a new relationship with food.

 This program helps to give you personal control over your eating habits, emotions and daily lifestyle. It’s about you taking back your power; the power that you gave away to food, people, work, and life’s events and circumstances.

     Why is this program so valuable? Two million people a year have coronary artery bypass surgery or angioplasty to treat their heart disease, at a cost of $30 million. These procedures alone rarely prevent heart attacks or prolong life, because the affected vessels get clogged up again and again. Doctors tell their patients that if they drink less alcohol, eat less, stress less and get more exercise, they will live longer and avoid repeated surgeries. However, research shows that 90 percent of all people who have bypass or angioplasty don’t change their behaviors. Ninety percent!

Why do we resist behavioral change so tenaciously? Why, even

at the risk of death, do we hang on to such dysfunctional behavior?

Because the facts we hear speak only to our thinking minds, and our habitual minds have a different agenda.

 These programs teach you to change your thoughts and habits to those of healthy eating, fitness and strength. You’ll learn how to give your mind an agenda that coincides with your desires.

Moving Beyond Stress 

How to manage and even remove it from your life.

  A Stress Release program is hugely important for businesses! 

  Nearly half of all workers suffer from moderate to severe stress while on the job, according to a recent survey. Additionally, 66 percent of employees report that they have difficulty focusing on tasks at work because of stress.  Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year. 

  Consider all the health related issues: 

-    Stressed people have higher incidences of heart disease, cancer, ulcers, bad backs, strained muscles, headaches and other illnesses.

   Consider the costs to productivity: 

-        In addition to reporting difficulties with focusing on tasks at work, employees also said that stress was responsible for errors and/or missed deadlines, trouble getting along with co-workers/superiors, missed days and lateness.

  When you consider these facts, it is clear why this program is integral to a successful business.

 Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, Claims much of his success to relieving stress, through practicing Mindfulness. A Zen technique to quiet the mind. 

  You can also add gaining more clarity, and enhancing his creativity to the list.

  The programs presented will show each attendee how to attain this state.

Tobacco Cessation





Tobacco is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States. Smoking kills more Americans than alcohol, car crashes, AIDS, fires, heroin, cocaine, homicide and suicide combined. 

 What does smoking cost an organization?   You may be surprised!

 Numerous studies demonstrate that employees who smoke tobacco have higher levels of absenteeism and healthcare costs in comparison to employees that don’t smoke. It is estimated that it costs an extra $5,816 annually to employ a smoker.

 The economic costs of smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke are more than $289 billion annually, including at least $133 billion for direct medical care of adults and more than $156 billion in lost productivity. 

Interpersonal and Communication Skills 





A program designed to teach different personality types: How to work with them and how to live with them.

 Everybody has his/her own way of looking at the world. We see the world using distinct aspects of our sensory systems to make our decisions. An unwillingness to see things from another’s perspective creates conflict. To eliminate conflict in the workplace and in personal relationships, we must learn tools to help us communicate effectively with others. 

 There is great value in knowing how to deal with each personality type, in business and in personal relationships.

 The faster we discover another person’s inclinations; the sooner we will get along. 

 People like people that are like them: that act, speak, and think the same way.

     Make your team more effective in communicating with each other and with other departments

     Deliver your message and get through to people

     Increase sales

     Better negotiation techniques

     Improved presentations

 This program shows how best to communicate with others, in business and personal relationships. You will also learn your own strengths and how to utilize them to become more successful. These techniques are based on N.L.P, a personal growth modality, long used for successful businesses, as well as for personal growth. Ron Soderstrom is a certified N.L.P Practitioner.

Group Fitness Classes


Exercise doesn’t have to be lonely, boring or painful.  Group fitness classes are a great way to bring fun, intensity, productivity, and teamwork into your workouts.

 Whether your fitness goals are gaining strength, increase endurance, or complete body transformation, group fitness classes are the best option for many people. 

The benefits of group exercise that you’ll enjoy:

 - Motivation:  A little encouragement from the instructor or fellow classmate can help you keep up your level of workout intensity. 

-  Competition:  Healthy competition can help people deliver their best effort.  Challenging a workout buddy can help you both do more than you would have done on your own.

- Community:  Enduring a challenging workout together is a great way to develop new friendships, with receiving and giving encouragement to others.

- Accountability:  When you are part of an exercise group, others will know when you miss a workout.  You’ll be less likely to skip class when others are counting on you.

- Structure:  An instructor led workout is a well- planned, complete workout.  You are given instruction throughout and are able to ask questions if needed. On your own, you might be tempted to skip exercises you don’t like or aren’t sure how to perform correctly.

- Fun:  A good group exercise class will encourage a sense of play. If you’re smiling and sweating at the same time, your intensity will be higher and you’ll realize better results.

Dance Fitness 





You'll be Moving and Grooving while enjoying all of the health benefits that come with dance fitness:

-        Reduced stress and depression.

-        Increased energy and serotonin.

-        Improved flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance.

-        Strengthened bones and improve cardiovascular health.

-        Increased mental capacity by exercising our cognitive processes.

-        Create new neural pathways which assist in Dynamic and Rapid Fire decision making


Dance fitness is a fun and easy way to get healthy!

Contact Ron today to get your heart pumping!

Schedule your One-hour Dance Fitness Class NOW!        

Functional Fitness for the Workplace

Want to help your body be healthier at work

Did you know there are exercises you can do at work to help you stay healthy?

 Functional fitness helps keep your body free from common workplace related ailments. Learn the tools you need to recognize and remedy problems with posture and movement. Keep your body safe from work-induced problems, including carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and neck stiffness. 

 Functional Fitness directly benefits your workplace by increasing productivity and employee morale

 Fun, easy to implement exercises will help you:

-        Train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks

-        Reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life

-        Send your employees home pain-free at the end of the day

-        Realign the body and correct muscle weakness

Team Building Through Improv Comedy




When it comes to communicating with team members and clients, how will you most want to feel?

Confident?  More focused?  More at ease?

These and many more benefits are learned through the art of Comedy Improvisation

 Improve through Improv! 

●      Better Listening and observation skills

●      Team development abilities

●      Sharpened decision-making 

●      Enhanced public speaking skills

●      Eradicate fear of rejection

 Using the invigorating and fun of comedy and Improv, you will help your business flourish. Techniques learned in Improv will transfer to better communication, increased flexibility, greater ability to work as a team, stronger relationships with clients, and exceptional morale. You will hear more ideas that can lead to improved workplace conditions. The rapport you can build with co-workers will increase productivity. 

 Build your team through comedy Improv! Contact us today.


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