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Due to numerous requests, we have formulated a special fundraising program.  Not only will your students and/or organization members have the opportunity to appear in a professional stage production, they also stand a good chance to net plenty of revenue with this project. The best thing about the plan is that it doesn’t cost you even one dollar to get started!

 The show is offered as a stress-free and worry-free program to you. I will produce the event by providing the full show and everything you need such as posters, tickets, and even press releases to help you promote it to the public.

 Your students and/or organization will be motivated and excited to be a part of this incredible show. Your community will be excited to attend this terrific program. This show is great family entertainment!  It’s unique and fun.

 The show comes complete with sound and will last about an hour. You are encouraged to sell concessions before and after the show to make even more money!


Arrange your Fundraising consultation now, and receive you're very own copy of the

 "Ultimate Fundraising Handbook"

This Complete Project Guide Covers the Following:

·       What are your goals                                                

·       Welcome

·       Full Program Overview

·       The Options

·       The Way the Program Works

·       Specific Examples

·       Stage Requirements

·       Pre-Show Success

·       The Power of Advance Sales

·       The Downfall of Discounting

·       Ticket Sales

·       Sheet Sales

·       Ticket Presentation

·       Promoting Your Show

·       Posters

·      Press Releases

·       More Promotions at School

·       21st Century Publicity

·       Free Ads

·       Radio Spots

·       Radio Interviews

·       Cable Television

·       Local Television

·       Concessions

·       Master of Ceremonies

·       Ticket Takers

·       The Day of the Show

·       Following Your Show

·       Benefits Beyond the Show

·       Q&A

What responses you have to look forward to!

" I'd recommend this for a lot of people! It relieves stress and opens up your mind.    It was fun and I'd definitely do it again!"

Iwi,   Kauai High Student

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